Healthy Truth Wins Best New Protein Powder Product with Its Organic Cacao Plant-Based Blend

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HEALTHY TRUTH, a fast-growing and innovative provider of lactose-free protein powders and drink mixes, healthy snacks, and superfoods, is rated one of the market's best brands by discerning customers… especially those consumers suffering from food sensitivities, allergies, and inflammation issues. This brand is worth very serious consideration.  Barley Grass Extract

Healthy Truth Wins Best New Protein Powder Product with Its Organic Cacao Plant-Based Blend

NEW YORK , Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- HEALTHY TRUTH has been recognized by Retailer News Network for offering the best new product line opportunity in the plant-based protein dietary supplement and snack market. This award-winning company offers its growing customer base a wide variety of USDA-certified organic lactose-free protein powders and nutrition-dense snacks, all of which are ethically sourced, vegan-friendly, and better-tasting (according to many satisfied customers) than those of their competitors -- many of which are larger and better-known brands fighting for an increased revenue share in this very competitive and fast-growing market segment. HEALTHY TRUTH is the superior brand in virtually every important aspect and is on an impressive trajectory. [read complete release]

The protein supplement and specialty snack market, which includes a growing proportion of plant-based products, is currently estimated to be $25.6 billion . At a compound annual growth rate of close to 10%, it is expected to reach or exceed $41.23 billion by 2028. As general awareness of food sensitivities, allergies, and plant-based food benefits grows, HEALTHY TRUTH'S products will be in increasing demand.

One of HEALTHY TRUTH's most exciting offerings is its Organic Cacao Plant-Based Protein Powder. Made from a proprietary blend of brown rice, pea, and Sacha proteins, it's a great source of natural protein that's free of dairy, gluten, and soy. With essential amino acids, this lactose-free protein powder helps build lean muscle and alleviate muscle damage caused by exercise. It also contains a proprietary adaptogen and prebiotic blend of ashwagandha, which helps the body cope with stress; maca, which helps boost endurance; and inulin, a high-fiber prebiotic which supports digestion. GO Pro Protein Powder also comes in an unflavored variety, making it perfect to mix in with smoothies, shakes, or favorite recipes. The reviews are exceptional. In addition, HEALTHY TRUTH offers its classic Organic Living Superfoods Snacks, as well as HT Performance + Recovery, a new line of superfood juice powders and high-protein food bars.

HEALTHY TRUTH, founded in 2014, is headquartered in Walpole, Massachusetts . Its products are distributed to select retailers, direct to consumers, and on a wholesale basis. [read complete release]

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Healthy Truth Wins Best New Protein Powder Product with Its Organic Cacao Plant-Based Blend

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