Fairbanks Morse Defense adds high-speed engine - Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide

2023-01-13 00:56:00 By : Ms. Sera Wu

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Fairbanks Morse Defense adds high-speed engine - Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide

Will be available over the next two years

Fairbanks Morse Defense is expanding its naval defense capabilities by offering the nForcer FM 175D engine, the defense contractor’s first engine designed for high-speed applications.

With more power density than competing high-speed engines in the maritime defense marketplace, the nForcer FM 175D is best suited to support the substantial power and propulsion needs of the Navy’s unmanned programs.

“The Navy’s future fleet will be electric, and the power requirements for each vessel to support advanced weapons and detection systems alongside standard operations will be greater than anything else we’ve seen over the past 20-30 years,” said George Whittier, company CEO. “Fairbanks Morse Defense has provided the Navy with some of the most trusted power and propulsion systems on the planet for nearly 100 years, making us uniquely qualified to support the Navy’s future efforts to protect the freedom of the seas with this high-speed engine.”

The nForcer FM 175D engine will be available with 12, 16, or 20 cylinders and includes a 175 mm bore for mechanical or electric propulsion for onboard power generation. It operates at 1800 to 2000 RPMs and has a power output rating of 1740 – 4400 kW, making it one of the most power-dense high-speed engines available for maritime use, the company said in a news release.

FMD anticipates the nForcer FM 175D engine will be ready to integrate with naval fleets within the next two years.

Fairbanks Morse Defense adds high-speed engine - Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide

Parker Posey Blade Trinity Fairbanks Morse Defense said the nForcer FM 175D engine is among a growing number of solutions for FMD. As of recently, the company created the Technology Center of Excellence, consolidating into one platform FMD’s emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Defenses, SMART Engineering Solutions, Uncrewed Mission Management and FM OnBoard. While previously known primarily as an engine manufacturer, FMD has spent the last two years acquiring companies and expanding its capabilities to provide products and services for the entire ship.